Recommended Products page is where you can find the products I recommend. I will be adding content to this page as I get the affiliate links for the products.

Kids Stuff

We love! If you read my homeschool posts, you can learn about how this has been working for our children. Here I will say that it has helped Buddy learn the basics very easily. He doesn’t even know he is learning. It has a full curriculum on all subjects for ages 2-12. I highly recommend it and will continue to use it as part of our homeschooling plan.


Bluehost is my domain host for my website. It integrates with WordPress which has been pretty easy for me to use so far. This is not a month to month type of hosting, though, so think about that before you sign up. They have multiple plan options. I chose one year just to make sure this blog thing would work out. So far so good…

As of February 14, 2019, Bluehost as a new free service for their new customers called Blue Spark. According to their blog, “[t]his unique and specialized service will help guide new users through the complex tools and functionality they could be utilizing with WordPress.” If you sign up with Bluehost, be sure to check out Blue Spark as well!

I’m also going to mention Tailwind at this point. I am still learning how to use it, and I have the free version. But I have seen it recommended by other bloggers I trust, so I’m adding it to this list. I am using it to help me pin and re-pin on Pinterest. I schedule my pins and then Tailwind pins them for me. I am also still learning how best to pin on Pinterest, but I’m getting there!

Grammarly is a wonderful program that checks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues as you type. I use the free version, but it will do more if you get a paid account. It is my favorite writing tool because I am a grammar geek, but I am not perfect. I need the help especially since I write after 9 pm most evenings and I’m exhausted. I highly recommend using Grammarly if you want to make sure you aren’t making distracting mistakes in your writing.

Grammarly Writing Support is the affiliate marketing tool I am using for most of my affiliate connections. It is super easy to use, also. They have connections with so many well-known companies and offer multiple options for payment. Your minimum amount to earn in order to get paid varies depending on the payment option you choose, and you can set it for multiple levels. I chose to get a check in the mail for now, and my payment level is $50. If you are looking to monetize your blog, is worth a look.

Get Crafty!

I’m SUPER excited to be a affiliate! I used to scrap with the best of them before life got busy with college classes (for 7 years!) and now little ones. But I love it and want to get back to it very soon! Craft time for kiddos and mom alike! If you like to scrap or maybe want to start, check them out!

They even have classes you can enroll in.

Enroll Today!

 I love DaySpring, and I am so excited I am in their affiliate program now! I’m most familiar with their greeting cards, but they have so much more! Check them out for planners, illustrating Bibles, and more!

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