Good News

I am sure you have noticed my mentions of God in my posts. With this page, I want to share why I believe in God and why I try to follow Jesus. And I will share with you how you can choose to follow Jesus as well. Yes, I am a Christian, but for me, it is not about religion. It is about a relationship.

I believe God exists because I see miracles in creation that prove to me there is intelligent design behind it all. It takes a larger leap of faith to believe all this order and perfect balance just “kablooey” from nothing by chance. THAT seems far-fetched to me, just like my belief in God may seem far-fetched to those who do not believe in God. Experiencing the conception, growth, birth, and development of my children is one of the biggest reasons I believe. It is absolutely miraculous and nearly unbelievable giving life to another human being. Although I have been a Christian since I can remember, my first child helped me understand more fully a loving God that the Bible speaks of. I am only human, but my love for my children is so powerful sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode if I focus on it for too long. Looking into those precious little faces just swells my heart to overflowing with love, concern, and caring. The Bible says God is love, He is perfect, and He is all-powerful. So, if my love for “the fruit of my loins” is as large as it is with all my imperfections and weaknesses, then God’s love is…indescribable.

It is this amazing love that sent Jesus to earth as a human with God qualities to pay for the sin debt He knew we would all end up with. Now, there is some majorly deep theology involved in this, but to keep it simple, Jesus was a man but he was also God – and therefore he was perfect. That is why He came to earth to die on the cross for the sins of the world. He was our perfect sacrifice. That is also why He is an excellent example for me to try to follow!

Everything Jesus did was done because He loves us. All of us. And if we accept His gift of love, turn away from our own ways, and allow him to come into our hearts, minds, and life; then we will not have to suffer the consequence of Hell for our sins. See, sin separates us from God because He is holy and perfect. Jesus bridges that gap for us if we allow Him to, and then we become children of God and get to live with Him eternally now and when we leave this earth. If we do not choose to allow Jesus to bridge the gap and instead go our own way, then we will be eternally separated from God (also known as Hell). Without God, there is no hope at all, there is only torment.

If you want Jesus to bridge the gap for you and lead you in this life and the next, you can pray something like this:

Jesus, I know I have messed up. I know I need you to fix my life. I turn away from sin and my sinful ways and ask you to be my Lord and Savior. Please come into my heart and change me. Thank you for your love and grace. Help me to walk with you always. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

I’m feeling like this page is not enough space to really explain it all, so I welcome questions. If you want to know more about a relationship with God through Jesus, feel free to contact me. If you prayed the prayer above, please let me know! I would be happy to mentor you in the Christian faith.