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    Reflections On New Life

    I posted this on Instagram and my personal Facebook account the other day. It got some good responses, so I thought I should share it on the blog for those of you not on social media. Spotted some daffodils at the property line yesterday. I find random flowers all the time. It’s like the previous owners bulldozed the whole yard and spread the previous, previous owner’s bulbs eeeeeeverywhere! This day it struck me…death and new life side by side. No idea when those daffodils were planted, but most likely they will continue to come back year after year. That tree fell last year during a storm. It was already dead,…

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    Reflections On What’s Next

    Perhaps you noticed, I did not write last week. My social media fast was going on, and usually that means I have a blog post done two days earlier than usual and make myself sit on it until Thursday. But I have been having a difficult time lately. Last week I just did not have it in me to write. I can’t say there is anything in particular bringing me down. Perhaps a lot of little things. My paternal grandmother was hurt in a nursing home recently. Visiting her was hard, but I did it with my sister and father’s help. My aunt has been by her mother’s side for…

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    Reflections On Blogs I Enjoy

    Before I became a blogger, I did not read any blogs. I don’t really have time, BUT all resources I read said it is a good idea as a blogger to interact with other bloggers and comment on their blogs. Network! Connect! So, I did. In the process, I found some great blogs that I like reading. Even if I stop blogging, I will continue to follow certain blogs because they are enjoyable to read. While I was trying to determine what to write about this week, I was also reading through some of my favorites that I had not been able to read yet. Catching up on them, I…

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    Reflections On A Father’s Love – Guest Post by Chip Mattis

    This post was written by Chip Mattis. I am delighted to have his writing on my blog because he is one of my favorite bloggers (I subscribe!). Also, he has his first book out this month (March 2019), and I get to help him launch it with this post! Enjoy this wonderful piece and please check out his book. All the information is provided at the end of this post. Scars Prove Your Love You should see this scar on the back of my hand. It’s faded with age, but it’s still pretty big. I remember how I got it. I was four. The snow had been piling up outside,…

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    Reflections on Loving With God’s Love

    Recently a devotional shared at a ladies’ brunch at church really touched me, convicted me, and has had me struggling against my flesh ever since. My dear friend and Pastor’s wife shared it with us because the Lord laid it on her heart. God knew I needed to hear it, and I’m sure others did too, but in that moment it was an answer to my prayers. It was hard to hear, but it was what I had been asking for from God. Lately Hubby and I have had a tense relationship, at least from my perspective. I have struggled to be kind and respectful because I didn’t feel like…

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    Reflections on Why I Love Jesus

    I wrote this guest post for Kiersty of Caffeine, Chaos, & Grace. She writes about parenting and being a homeschooler. Her introduction to my post is wonderfully written and brought tears to my eyes. She definitely has a way with words! You can read my post in its entirety here, but I encourage you to please check it out on Kiersty’s blog (you MUST read the beautiful intro!), and read some of her other posts. You won’t regret it! Why I Love Jesus I am not a model Christian. I feel like I have to start with that disclaimer, because well, it’s true! Given that I have known Jesus basically…

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    Reflections On Financial Blessing

    Recently I got a odd amount of money deposited into my account from my former employer which I have not worked for in about three years. It took over a month, but I finally got them to realize it wasn’t meant for me and we got it straight. This got me reflecting about my career with that company and the financial blessings I received there as well as how well we are managing without my income now. God is so faithful and provides for our every need. First of all, I got the job as a single mom with one week of severance pay from a job that fired me.…

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    Reflections On Self-Worth: How To Feel Valuable

    It breaks my heart when someone says they feel worthless, or useless, or invisible, or any number of unkind things about their sense of self-worth. Sometimes I feel this way. It can be hard to get lost in the day to day of caring for small children. I have a remedy, though, that I will share with you in this post. I was scrolling Twitter and this tweet pulled on my soul. “I’m a SAHM. My cooking is terrible, my house is a disaster, my kids are screaming. The little I do accomplish is not only unseen by those around me, but not worthy of being seen. I just want…

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    Next Steps In Homeschooling

    It’s been a while since I’ve written about our homeschooling adventure. This will be a short update because, frankly, there isn’t much to tell. Two toddlers don’t need much schooling. ABCmouse.com – First Month Free – Click here! We got Doodle an Amazon Kindle for Christmas so that she could start playing with some of the educational apps and ABCmouse.com as well as play with the apps on Amazon Freetime. So far she has not been impressed. She wants to play with it because Buddy plays with his, but she hasn’t picked up on how to “play” it yet. Buddy definitely picked up on it faster at her age. She…

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    The Liebster Award 2019

    In December 2018, a nomination for The Liebster Award was given to me. It was right before the deadline for submission for 2018, so I waited for the 2019 award webpage to be set up so that I could follow the rules for 2019 and have time to respond appropriately. I appreciate the people I’ve met since I started blogging. Most bloggers are super supportive of each other. Case in point, Emma with Moving and Baking, who nominated me. Check out Emma’s Liebster Award post here. This award is described on the official website this way:“The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to…