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19 Apr 2017 ... If you like the Mac look, but you prefer (or afford) Windows, here is how you ... Dock. Icons and theme; General settings; Icon settings. Taskbar ...

How To Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows XP Users who are on Windows 10 miss that about Windows XP almost as much as they miss Windows 7. Windows 10 has improved in terms of stability and if you miss XP a lot, you can make Windows 10 look like Windows XP with an app.

user interface - How can I enable the "Mac-like" taskbar ...

user interface - How can I enable the "Mac-like" taskbar ...

More like Mac OS X? Windows 10 Users Want a Smart Taskbar in RTM

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Make sure the Background drop-down menu reads Picture and then select the Browse button to find your downloaded wallpaper. Snow Transformation Pack Makes Your Windows Desktop Look Like... Windows: If you like the look and feel of Mac OS X but prefer to stick with Windows (whether it be for gaming, or because you just don't like Apple), freeware Snow Transformation Pack will make Windows look like OS X. Click on the image for a closer look. Snow Transformation Pack will change the... How To Have A True macOS Sierra Look And Feel In Windows If you like the Mac look, but you prefer (or afford) Windows, here is how you can make the Microsoft OS have a Mac OS appearance by making the appropriate configurations.

How to Make Your Windows 10 Taskbar Completely Transparent

Previously we told you how to make your Ubuntu system look like Windows 7. This time we have something for the die hard MAC lovers.

The Taskbar of Windows is always considered as a great feature since it helps users pin important or most used programs, show a search bar, show date/time, and so on.

We saw quite a few of those on Dedoimedo, including how to make Windows XP look like Windows 7, then how to make the latter look like Windows 8, and we also dabbled in Android, changing its appearance to be like Windows Phone and Ubuntu… How to Make Windows 10 More Like the Mac OS X However, lots of Windows fans will admit that Mac OS X has a lot of neat user interface features that just aren’t available in Windows 10. For example, OS X includes the Dock (an alternative to the taskbar), folder stacks, Exposé and… How to Make Ubuntu Look More Like Windows Thanks to the Gnome Shell desktop in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, it’s now possible to get a single, Windows-style taskbar on Ubuntu. You can make the theme look more like Windows, too, if you’re tired of Ubuntu’s orange theme.

How to get a Windows-like taskbar in Mac OS June 18, 2015 by Philipp Greitsch Leave a Comment The first thing you’ll notice when switching from a Windows computer to a Mac is that the taskbar works completely different. Enable Windows-Like Features on Your Mac

Take a look at this guide on how you can setup your PC to include Mac OS X's dashboard. Add Mac OS X Spotlight Universal Search Function To Windows I admit, Mac OS X's Spotlight feature is the one that I can't live without. How to Make Windows 7 look & feel like Mac OSX - WonderHowTo

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Sacrilege: Make Your Windows PC Look Like A Mac Samuel Scott on August 15th 2012. apple, display, interface, leopard, mac os tiger, rocket dock, windows, windowsblinds; I have a few computers in my house and almost all of them run XP mainly for its simpl ...

This Free Theme Can <b>Make</b> <b>Windows</b> 10 <b>Look</b> <b>like</b> <b>Mac</b> OS X ...